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Altar of Light

Medical Disclaimer 

The Altar of Light process is specific only for energetic/spiritual enhancement.
It is not intended to treat, diagnose or heal any illness, disease or condition. 

The Altars top surface is clear tempered glass, inside the base are 6 Clear Quartz crystal spheres energized by several sequenced high intensity strobe lights, 4 Amethyst in each corner and an Amethyst plate at the head area, and over 33 pounds of rose quartz. 

Quartz: balances and purifies energy flow, strengthens the energy of purpose for goal accomplishment, supports clear thinking 

Amethyst: Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addictions 

Rose Quartz: Enhances the feelings of giving, receiving and living in love, renews self-love, dispels troubles and cares of the heart 

 Limited tests have been shown to actively stimulate and greatly increase the person’s energetic field. 

The Altar of light immerses a person within an enhanced environment of Activated Light. Within minutes one can usually feel a gentle infusion of energy that enhances their whole energetic being. Energy workers, Light workers and Reiki practitioners recognize their energetic abilities being elevated to a much higher level within minutes. Some have found the Altar difficult to compare to any other device. The immediate noticeable effect is that of relaxation. 

There is substantial positive scientific research and data on the benefits of light therapy. The use of light therapy to enhance various abilities or modify existing conditions is well accepted. 

The specific way the Altar of Light utilizes a new and different approach takes light therapy to a whole new level.