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Trinity Table

Expansion and Well-Being Experiences

The Trinity, is a unique tool that creates a celestial star gate opening to dimensional realms where each participant has an unique experience. The table rotates you counterclockwise at a gentle rate of 4 turns per minute. Many attain Alpha, Theta and even a Delta state, within minutes, allowing for a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional release and spiritual connection. 

The following may occur during your experience… 

  • Heightened state of awareness and clarity
  • Removal of excess energy from the chakras
  • Deep relaxation
  • Heart expansion
  • Relief of pain on the physical level
  • Energetic shifts
  • Peaceful rejuvenation
  • Release mental and emotional stress
  • Greater clarity and increased insight
  • Profound spiritual growth experiences
  • Visitations with deceased loved ones
  • Connection with angels and/or spirit guides
  • Sense of deep knowing and oneness with the universe